New To Cryptocurrency Trading?

If you’re looking for a reliable trading platform for cryptocurrencies, BTC Kingdom is a market leading platform that enables you to build your own cryptocurrency profile and offers excellent support and advice on hundreds of currencies.

Why get started in cryptocurrency trading?

Many experts believe that the future lies in this type of currency due to the fact it is decentralised and takes power away from the banks.

With a huge upswing in Bitcoin taking place, with the price surging by $400 in one hour, what better time to start trading? This is the second price spike in two days, so it is an excellent time to discover the wonders of cryptocurrency.

Indeed, the cryptocurrency market seems to be experiencing a general upswing in July, with Bitcoin breaking $6500 and the market stabilising for the first time since last year.

At BTC Kingdom we enable you to trade over 800 cryptocurrencies and enjoy a generous margin (multiple of 4 over your balance). We also offer a variety of account types according to your needs, including Lite Trading which is ideal for anybody who’s new to trading.

We offer all the professional grade tools needed for advanced trading and make it easier to fund and withdraw using fiat currencies.

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